*Getting rid of Muscle Pain is an attainable goal using the Pain Relief Stretch System.
*By addressing tight muscles and the resulting loss of mobility in the joints, you can get at the cause of most muscle pain.

Below are the recommended steps. These are just guides for you.
You do not have to know the muscles or understand why you have the pain to get pain relief from this App. Just follow the Stretch Progression section in the exact order shown and you should see considerable improvement in just a week or two. After that, I recommend you occasionally check your mobility, to see if you are progressing. Also review the Stretch Instruction section to make sure you are performing the stretches correctly.
I use this system successfully every day in my Physical Therapy practice. You should quick see pain reduction, increased mobility and better posture.

Below are the basic steps to follow when using this Application:

*Check your mobility first, so you know your baseline on your mobility.
*Recheck your mobility every week, to see if you are improving.
*Please check the Mobility section, to see what is the normal mobility for each Joint.
*When you have limited mobility in a joint, the compressive forces from tight muscles, breaks down the joint, causing unnecessary degeneration.

*Please watch the video for the muscles involved in the areas you are stretching.
*These are located in the Instructional Stretch section after each stretch.
* It is very important to know what muscle is causing your pain, or loss of mobility.
*Watch the videos in the Pain section to get a better understand of what is causing your pain, how to improve posture and decrease the stresses to the painful area.

*Go through the stretches in the Stretching Progression section. *Just follow the stretch progression given, adding a few stretches every couple days.
*When the stretch becomes easy, you will discontinue doing the stretch, or performing the stretch only occasionally.
* If you need more information than the raw stretch, please see the stretch instruction section.

*If worse, are you stretching correctly?
*Go through the stretching tips in this section, to get familiar with the proper stretching rules.

Stretch Progression explained in more detail
*You start off in Day One by performing all the stretches shown and checking mobility.
*When you get to Day Three, just add Day Three Stretches. Keep doing the Day One Stretches.
*When you get to Day Eight, add those and keep doing the Day One and Day Three Stretches.
*When Stretches become easy, you can eliminate them, or do them occasionally.
By the end of 2 weeks, you should only be doing approximately ½ of the Stretches given, because the other Stretches became easy. If you started Day One with severe tightness or pain, it may take a couple more weeks before some Stretches will seem easy.
The progression section stretches are specific stretches that target specific Muscles and are performed in a specific order, to open up the Joints to a neutral position, to regain good posture to eliminate stress and pain. Once the person regains their Muscle and Joint mobility, they should then move onto the stretches in the Maintenance section to maintain their mobility. The Maintenance Stretches cover the major parts of the area of the body being addressed, so that there is no need to have separate routines for different sports, or for specific work conditions.
The Maintenance Stretches are the ones I recommend you should do after you have done the stretching routines often enough for them to be easy, “pain free”, moving toward full mobility.

*Any Stretch that is hard (“tight”), should be performed frequently, until it is easy.

*Our goal is to regain full Muscle length and Joint mobility.

See your Doctor if you are not better in approximately 10 days of Stretching. The pain may be due to something other than Muscular.