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We provide a specially crafted set of stretches that aid in easing muscle pain, restoring mobility, and correcting posture. Our stretches are tailored to safely assist in the recovery from any muscle discomfort or pain.

Stretch For Pain Relief
Lower Body


Stretch For Pain Relief
Upper Body



Fantastic stretching instruction ★★★★★

Like Mary says in her apps- most people do not understand the importance of stretching, even the professionals. If you have pain you need these apps. I am a professional orthopedic massage therapist. I specialize in pain management and I recommend these apps to nearly all my clients. Mary gives you detailed stretching instructions for many common pain situations. She includes videos and diagrams showing which muscles you need to stretch and why.

by Hdjcieeurbdjckskdirjr


Awesome app! ★★★★★

What an awesome app! It is so easy to go to a physiotherapist or a biokineticist to solve your neck pain problems. They only do a brief history and then make a diagnosis which will cost you a lot of money and time. This app makes all that go away as soon as you decide that you want to take charge, stop taking pain pills, sort out your posture and get into a regular stretching routine. This app enables you to treat yourself by providing you with the relevant information, how to establish where you measure up on full neck & shoulder mobility and clear animations on stretches.

by Herman Lourens South Africa


Effective and educational ★★★★★

This app contains all the stretches my physical therapy advised me to do, plus more. The videos are are well done and insure the correct posture and placement of limbs for each stretch. The educational information is wonderfully. The videos explain not just how, but why each stretch is important, what muscle groups it effects and where the pain is received from each exercise.

by NetSafari


love this app ★★★★★

this app is the best.. after only a week.. feeling 98% better .. 2 weeks no more pain … 100% worth the effort.. thank you 🙂

by Ashleylynn13


Simple and fast. ★★★★★

I love how simple is to understand and to actually reproduce the stretches explained on the videos. The pain goes away almost immediately. Very recommendable. Aloha!!

by TomásMaui


Remarkable!!! ★★★★★

I have done various neck and shoulder stretches and physio-therapies to help with my chronic neck pain, but nothing has helped as much as this app! The stretches are explained in simple and clear terms and they are terrific. I now do the “Maintenance” routine daily, and it only takes me 10 to 15 minutes. My pain is reduced by 80% and my energy has never been better. My only suggestion to the makers is to add a choice of whether or not there is audio with the daily routines. But this is truly a 5 star app and I highly recommend it!

by urbanmagic


One of THE best apps offered ★★★★★

I’ve been dealing with horrible neck pain for many years and this app has helped much more than any doctor has and in 10 days I have had a noticeable decrease in pain level. What I like most about this app is that it breaks down the various muscles in the neck and explains the physiology behind the pain.

by johndit


Pain Free Me ★★★★★

This App Is great. It is like having a Physical Therapist at your finger tips. Not only does it help teach proper stretching but it also explains things in laymans terms so you understand what you are stretching and how the stretch will help you heal.. I highly recommend it to any one whether you have back or hip pain or not. Finally an app to help keep us pain free and active. Thank You

by Clonerdatabase

Get fast muscle pain relief with our unique stretching system.
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