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    MS, RPT, AT, LMT 


Welcome to the Muscle Pain Relief Stretching System tm. For over 35 years, it has been my mission as a physical therapist, to educate as many clients as I can explaining how easy it can be to get rid of most muscle pain. 


Many people suffer from Muscle Pain caused by very common muscle shortening. This can be easily resolved by correctly stretching the involved muscles back to a natural or “neutral” state. 


From years of experience, I have been able to find and focus on what I have found to be a successful reproducible formula, to help people reduce muscle pain quickly. 


Tight Muscles cause pain.  Preventing injuries and treating injuries is actually very straightforward when we look at how the body breaks down and how it repairs itself. Inflammation needs to be avoided and circulation needs to be increased. 


Everything presented here is backed and proven by long standing, ever improving medical science. 


Stretches are a tool of the Orthopaedic world and are an important part of rehabilitation. The pain relief stretches offered here are different from most.


Presented here are a series of progressions, of uniquely designed stretches, that help  you regain mobility and proper posture.            

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Mary Smithson Hutto, BS, MS, RPT, AT, LMT. Since 1992, Mary has owned her own private practice, physical therapy clinic in Kula, Maui, Hawaii,  MAUKA PHYSICAL THERAPY.  She specialises in “hands on” physical therapy known as  ''Myofascial Re-posturing''.  By combining ''Myofascial Release'',  PNF: ''Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation'' and her unique stretching program she can  help you with the  permanent elimination most muscle pain. She uses the ''Muscle Pain Relief Stretching System'' successfully, every day in her clinic, to help patients become pain free. She works closely with Physicians to restore Health and Well-Being to her patients.  


 The Muscle Pain Relief Stretching System is the result of Mary’s years of successful work with her Mauka physical therapy patients.  


The system is unique and gives breakthrough results.  


This system is a series of upper and lower body Stretches, that safely regains mobility back without injuring the Spine.  


Many popular Stretches that have you bend at the Waist, or twist your Spine, can cause Disc degeneration.  


This Stretching System is the first step before starting or resuming former athletic activities.  


The Muscle Pain Relief Stretching System gets the Joints back to a “neutral” state, regaining lost Muscle and Joint mobility.  


It is important to not start  any strengthening program before regaining full joint mobility, or you may cause further pain, degeneration and further Muscle weakness. 


The Muscle Pain Relief Stretching System animations, when practice consistently and properly, can decrease or permanently eliminate most muscle pain.  


These stretches lengthen the muscles that are causing the muscle pain, or indirectly causing poor posture, that contributes to the pain.  


Regaining normal muscle length and  full Joint mobility is our number one goal toward  the restoration of your natural posture.  


These “safe” stretches not only eliminate most muscle pain, but also prevents further degeneration in the spine, joints and soft tissue. 

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